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Aloha to Siera London and CLAIMING JANNA (Bachelor of Shell Cove, Book 4)


What's not to love about a military heroine?  Enter Siera London and her newest release, CLAIMING JANNA, Book 4 in her Bachelor of Shell Cove series ... 

Some dreams are too perilous to reach for, even when life offers you a second chance at your heart’s desire.

Lieutenant Janna Williamson, has spent the last ten years running from her past. The only things she can depend on is herself and her career. Excelling as a Navy Nurse is her priority, and she’ll do anything to protect the acceptance she’s found in service to her country. The only risk to her career ambition is the sense of home she feels in Dawson’s arms. She’s prepared to keep him on the perimeter, until one night ties them together irrevocably.

Marine Major Dawson Wright’s cocky self-confidence hides a life formed from the ashes of a tragic childhood. After months of a 'no strings attached' relationship with Janna, he’s thinking about a forever kind of commitment. But, as fast as he’s toppling the walls that keep them apart, she’s erecting new barriers. When Dawson learns Janna is pregnant with his child, proving to the strong-willed beauty they have the foundation for happily ever after becomes his new mission.

Falling in love was never a part of Janna’s plan, but she’s learning to trust her Marine. When old enemies and family secrets start to surface, deceit and danger threaten to unravel their fragile bond. In a battle for their lives, how will the two claim the love meant for them before it’s too late?

From Siera's bio,

Contemporary romance and women's fiction is my therapy of choice. I served 22 years in the United States Navy as a registered nurse before I decided to focus on my writing career. It's never too late, to follow your heart's desire.

I live in Florida Keys with my husband and a color patch tabby named Frie. I am a pet lover at heart. I would gladly welcome more furry friends into the household; however, I had to guilt my husband into the cat. As a native Floridian, it's nice to leave the DC weather in the rearview mirror.

When I'm not writing, I love getting lost between the pages of a great book. I get a thrill searching through recipe books with my sister in-law. I enjoy cooking huge meals to share with friends and family. I would like to think I'm a pretty good cook since folks keep showing up at the front door to eat my food.

Learn more about Siera and her books at

Thank you, Siera, for your service!

Navy Nurses Aboard USS Solace 1945
Public Domain (link

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1. What do you know about Key West?  

During my recent flight to Florida for RWA, I met a fellow passenger who was driving onto Key West for lobster season. Yum!

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More books in the Bachelor of Shell Cove series ...

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Friendship at RWA

I still have a few more tidbits to share about the RWA Conference in Orlando ....

... during the RITA ceremony, RWA played several video clips about friendship:

- Angie Fox awoke the morning of her departure from RWA 2012 to find the clothes she set out the night before were missing.  It seems her roommate, Jeannie Lin, packed them in error in her rush to return home.  Their third roommate, Shawntelle Madison, suggested Angie fly home in the pink shorts she used as PJs.  As Angie walked through the lobby, Patricia Rice spotted her and questioned her sanity.  After Angie shared what happened, Patricia called Mary Jo Putney, similar in size to Angie, to lend her some clothes ... hence, the sisterhood of the traveling pants!

- Linda Goodnight shared her family's loss when her son was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  During this challenging time, the deadline for the RITA contest passed.  Since she did not enter the contest, Linda offered to be a judge in her own category. However, the RWA staff informed her that she was, in fact, entered. An anonymous author contacted RWA to ask if an exception could be made for Linda to be entered after the deadline. RWA responded that an author in that category would have to withdraw ... and an author did.  An author also purchased five copies of Linda's books to mail to RWA for the contest judging. To this day, Linda does not know who contacted RWA, withdrew her own submission, and mailed the books.


- Julie Leto was shaken by the events on 9/11, wondering if her job as a writer was worthy in comparison to others who were taking up the charge to serve. Then she received an email from a reader (and future author) Diana Peterfreund who shared her experience on 9/11. Trapped on an airplane circling NYC on that fateful morning, Diana read and reread Julie's book she brought for the flight, bringing her comfort in the chaos. Julie and Diana became friends ... and Julie became Diana's mentor as she embarked on her own path to publishing.

Image result for sos aloha tampa

I am giving away a swag pack from RWA17 to four randomly selected commenters from my posts published in the month of August. To enter the giveaway,

1. Have you had to borrow clothes from a friend ... or stranger? Have you nominated a friend for an award? Have you read a book that helped you through a crisis?

In the Netherlands, I nominated my friend Sandy for her countless hours in volunteering at the Thrift Shop at the Army Base in Schinnen.  She won "Civilian Volunteer of the Year"!

The Thrift Shop is where I discovered romance ...

2. Comments are open through Thursday, August 31, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Friday, September 1.


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Aloha to Pamela Ferguson and WINGS OF LOVE

Good things come in three .... for Pamela Ferguson,

1.  Her first novel, WINGS OF LOVE, was nominated for the RWA's Golden Heart for Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

2.  WINGS OF LOVE won the Golden Heart in Orlando!

3.  WINGS OF LOVE releases today! 

Pamela joins me today for a cozy chat ...

Kim:  Congratulations on publishing WINGS OF LOVE - tell us about it.

Pamela:  Thank you! It’s an honor to be invited back to SOS Aloha. Wings of Love tells the story of a former troublemaker who must collaborate with the young woman who destroyed his college football hopes or risk losing his job as a crisis mediator. It takes place in the small town of Lilac, Virginia, near the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains.

Kim:  Why did you set the book in Virginia? Since you created the town, you could have chosen any state.

Pamela: True. I was born in Virginia. Even though my family moved away when I was young, we returned every summer to visit relatives and friends. The wonderful people and beautiful landscape made a lasting impression on me. When I thought about where to set The Lilac Series, Virginia was the only place I considered.

Kim: How many books will be in the series?

Pamela: I’m planning on at least five, one for each of five half-siblings. There may also be a novella or two about other characters from the town. I haven’t thought beyond that yet. Right now, I’m focused on the first five love stories that will unfold against the backdrop of Lilac’s preparations for its upcoming two-hundred-fiftieth anniversary celebration. The town was once very prosperous, fell on hard times, and now appears to be bouncing back. The tension between embracing progress and preserving the past creates a rich environment for character conflict and growth.

Kim: WINGS OF LOVE won the 2017 RWA Golden Heart Award for Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements. What role does faith play in your novels?

Pamela: I tend to think of it as the role faith plays in my characters’ lives. Sometimes a character’s faith is already established, sometimes it develops over the course of the book. Some characters are not involved in any formal religion, and some would describe themselves as spiritual. I’m interested in many different faith traditions, and, as a result, my characters come from many different faith traditions, too.

Thanks for being with us today. Here’s a little more about WINGS OF LOVE:

Will Reo Greene ever learn to say no? She’s just finished organizing Lilac’s first 5K race and is swamped with online college exams. Now the mayor wants her to collaborate with Jack Warfield to evaluate Main Street decoration proposals for the town’s upcoming two-hundred-fiftieth anniversary. The last thing she wants is to work with the man who rejected her five years before, but the mayor is determined to make an example of the two former high school enemies. If Reo and Jack can collaborate for the good of the town, maybe everyone else will try to get along.

Back in Lilac to oversee the sale of his mother’s rental property, Jack doesn't admit he’s also on a leave of absence from his new job as a Peacetalkers mediator. He got injured as a result of an unauthorized meeting, and the Peacetalkers must investigate. Even if the mayor is twisting his arm, Jack has no interest in collaborating with Reo. She’d already destroyed his college football scholarship chances. He’d be crazy to let her mess up his life again.

Will past mistakes prevent Reo and Jack from discovering their true feelings?

Available now on Amazon.

I am giving away a swag pack from RWA17 to four randomly selected commenters from my posts published in the month of August. To enter the giveaway,

1. What do you know about Virginia, the Old Dominion State?

I remember the tourist tagline, "Virginia is for lovers."  I met my husband at the Pentagon and married at Fort Myer, Virginia.

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Golden Heart

Monday, August 21, 2017

Aloha to Chick Flicks and Friend Recommendations

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 I spent last week moving oldest back into his dorm room at college. I also had the opportunity to catch up with a college friend. Since her husband does not care for "chick flicks", we enjoyed two movies together.


Six Californians start a club to discuss the works of Jane Austen, only to find their relationships -- both old and new -- begin to resemble 21st century versions of her novels.

The movie featured an ensemble cast of Hollywood's favorite - Emily Blunt, Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, Jimmy Smits, and Hugh Dancy. We spent just as much time naming the actors' previous works as watching the plot line. Perhaps my favorite scene is Grigg (Hugh Dancy) attending the first meeting with a large black compilation of Jane Austen's six novels (listed down the side of the spine) which he thought were sequels.  

Although the movie was predictable, it was still entertaining, especially as we joined the book club in discussing what we loved - and loathed - about each classic novel.

We then opted for another romance that my friend adored ... CUTTING EDGE from 1992:

A temperamental figure skater and a former hockey player try to win Olympic gold as a figure skating pairs team.
CUTTING EDGE throws numerous tropes into the pot - rich girl meets poor boy, enemies to lovers, underdogs overcome adversity - to jump on the figure skating bandwagon.  It was a fun movie to watch despite the "retro" cinematography (technology has improved in 25 years) and the "retro" music blaring to add drama to the skating competition.  

We chatted about other "chick flicks" we love - MISS CONGENIALITY with Sandra Bullock, BRIDGET JONES DIARY with Renee Zellweger, and LEGALLY BLONDE with Reese Witherspoon.

I am giving away a swag pack from RWA17 - approved by Elle Woods from LEGALLY BLONDE - to four randomly selected commenters from my posts published in the month of August. To enter the giveaway,

1. Can you recommend a "chick flick" that, no matter its flaws, still makes you smile?

I adore Drew Barrymore in THE WEDDING SINGER (a loving tribute to the 80s), EVER AFTER (a feminist remake of Cinderella) and NEVER BEEN KISSED (undercover reporter returns to high school).

2. Comments are open through Thursday, August 31, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Friday, September 1.


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Friday, August 18, 2017

Aloha to Diane Kelly and ENFORCING THE PAW - Book Review


When a case of he-said/she-said turns criminal, it s up to Megan Luz and her devoted K-9 to dig for the truth. . .

When relationships go south, some people just can t or won t let go. When Fort Worth Police Officer Megan Luz and her pawed partner Brigit investigate a series of stalking incidents involving a couple who recently broke up, their detective powers are put to the test. Is this a case of a controlling creep who refuses to accept rejection or one about a woman scorned whose fury has been unleashed?

As hostilities escalate between the former lovers, the situation goes from romantically dysfunctional to downright dangerous. He insists his former flame has become a crazy ex-girlfriend intent on vengeance. She alleges that he is a master of manipulation and lays blame entirely at his feet. Who's the culprit and who s the victim? Can Megan and Brigit sniff out the truth. . .before somebody ends up dead?

ENFORCING THE PAW is Book 6 in Diane Kelly's Paw Enforcement series.

Fort Worth PD K9 Division (link)

I am a sucker for someone that is charming - Beyonce.

I am a sucker for bacon. - Brigit 

Fort Worth's dynamic duo, Megan and Brigit, return to a dangerous case of he said/she said.  Former lovers accuse the other of stalking, escalating from petty harassment to public endangerment. Since the parties involved reside inside her patrol area, Megan keeps an eye on both suspects with the intent of defusing the volatile situation. Brigit, on the other paw, keeps her eye on the treats inside Megan's pocket.  She proves herself useful by sniffing out the culprits and keeping Megan safe.

The conflict is unveiled through Diane Kelly's unique employment of three perspectives in this series - Megan's first person perspective, Brigit's third person perspective, and villain's third person perspective. Kelly also gives Megan and Brigit the opportunity to flex their muscles with other crimes on the street, including tracing a lollipop stealing doctor (hence the quote about suckers). Kelly continues to give readers a strong (but flawed) heroine who can hold her own in a male dominated world of law enforcement. Likewise, Brigit shows who is boss even among the male dogs at the fire department. ENFORCING THE PAW was an entertaining escape which I did not want to put down. I look forward to the next adventures of the baton twirling officer and her rescue partner with the best nose in Fort Worth. 

I received a copy of ENFORCING THE PAW from St. Martin's Press during the RWA Annual Conference in Orlando.  I read it straight through on the flight home to Baltimore.


I am giving away a swag pack from RWA17 to four randomly selected commenters from my posts published in the month of August. To enter the giveaway,

1. Let's chat about candy - what do you like to buy from a convenience store?  I indulge in the bite size packages of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.

2. Comments are open through Thursday, August 31, 10 pm in Baltimore.

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Aloha to Charlene Sands and REDEEMING THE TEXAS RANCHER (Forever Texan Book 3)

Charlene Sands is celebrating the release of REDEEMING THE TEXAS RANCHER ...

Falling out of love with Colby Ryan wasn't working...

There hasn't been a woman who's held Colby Ryan's heart for long, not since his teenage love went awry twelve years ago. Now, all of a sudden, Dakota Jennings, his longtime family friend and trusted wrangler on the Circle R ranch, is catching his eye. For Dakota’s sake, Colby won't ever give in to the temptation she poses.

Dakota has been secretly in love with Colby since the age of ten, but his sense of honor and the Texas code he lives by won’t allow her permanence in his heart. Up until this point, he’d never hinted at romance between them and yet, falling out of love with him just plain isn’t working.

Colby has always protected Dakota, and he isn’t about to stop now. If he gives in to his desire, she stands to lose far too much. Colby doesn’t deserve her love, he's already ruined one life, but the binds that tie them are strong. Can Dakota be the woman to redeem his broken soul?


Charlene Sands is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and historical romance. She has been honored with the National Readers Choice Award, the Booksellers Best Award, The Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award and Romantic Times Magazine's Best Harlequin Desire Award of 2014. She is an active member of Romance Writers of America. When not writing, she spends time with her four "princesses", enjoys sunny Pacific beaches and yummy chocolate mocha cappuccinos!

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Aloha to Hayson Manning and TEN DAYS WITH THE HIGHLANDER

Scotland is glorious in the summer ... so let's escape to Alba with Hayson Manning's TEN DAYS WITH THE HIGHLANDER ...

Go-getter Georgia Paxton has ten days to acquire a quaint hotel in the Scottish Highlands for her travel accommodation company before she’s off on her next grand adventure. Too bad the sexy, broody Scot who owns the place is dead against the idea…and that she’s in very real danger of losing their little bet to see who can convince whom first.

There’s no way Callum MacGregor is going to let the gorgeous American turn his tiny hometown over to bored tourists looking to satisfy their Outlander fantasies. He only has ten days to convince her to slow down and see the magic of the town and its people. If he succeeds, he won’t have to run her out of the county. But if he fails, Georgia might run off with his heart.


I love Princess Bride, Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives – the drama is deliciously addictive. Big Bang Theory but will take Wolowitz over Cooper. Star Trek not Star Wars. Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire – any story that shows the little guy making it. I follow the Buffalo Bills like a religion. I am spellbound by showjumping and equestrian eventing. I love curling up and reading all books – no genre is off-topic. I like ironing, I hate peas, love donkeys, I play a killer game of Scrabble. I will often be heading towards the fridge for another Diet Coke. I eat nothing with legs and believe wine goes with everything, oh and I’m an expert at finding new and inventive ways to avoid exercise.

I live in the sparkly beachside suburb of Redondo Beach in California with my infuriating shoe-dropping husband and my two boys who speak in mystifying grunts.

Hayson offers an excerpt from TEN DAYS WITH THE HIGHLANDER ...

“What are we doing?” she asked against his mouth.

He pulled back and stared into her stormy eyes. “I think it’s called kissing.”

“Oh. I’ve heard of it.” She paused. “I like it. A lot.” She regarded him. “You taste good. Like an ice cream cone I want to lick forever,” she murmured, then leaned forward and sucked his bottom lip between hers.

He shifted, his zipper denting tender flesh. “What flavor?” He nuzzled her neck and bumps flew across her skin.

“All flavors of the rainbow. Sweet, salty, and with a hint of you, and before you ask I don’t know what that taste is, but I’m calling it delicious.”

“That’s a lot of flavors.” He cupped her face and stared into her liquid eyes.

I wish you were mine, Georgia Paxton.

She snuggled deeper into him, their combined heat misting the windows and possibly the countryside.

He glanced out the window. The rain had eased to a steady drizzle, and the road appeared manageable. He glanced at his watch and pulled a hand through his hair. They’d been out way later than he’d planned, but Callum had enjoyed every minute of her company. “I think we can get going.”

“Are you sure? I’m not sure if I’ve got this kissing thing down. I need to practice.” She wiggled in his lap.

When you put it that way. He glanced at his watch again. Damn, he wanted to spend hours exploring her body with his hands, with his mouth, map it until he knew every quiver, every intake of breath, every moan. Right now, with her hands in his hair, her amazing sunshine scent was making him punch-drunk.

“If I don’t leave now, I don’t think we’ll be leaving for a while.” He cast a glance in the backseat at his goat. “I don’t want an audience.”

She blinked away the haze. “Absolutely not. Poor Delilah.” She did one last wiggle against him, then crawled over to the passenger seat.

“Can we practice kissing later, but without company?” She lowered her voice. “I was enjoying that.”